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Celebrating a sustainable conference, a paperless conference >>

The ecological footprint at the conference venue will depend largely on the conference attendees – whether we make the most of all our resources or waste them thoughtlessly.We would like everyone to keep this in mind and recommend everyone to act responsibly and thoughtfully, especially in the management of resources that the organization committee and Congress Centre make available for attendees.

Appreciate the promotion of good environmental practicesthat you will find at the conference. Take into account that there have been a lot of professionals involved in the organization, paying attention to every detail in order to minimize environmental impact during the celebration of this event.

Please congratulate the congress organizationif you think that they have succeeded. On the other hand, please tell us if you think we can improve and offer us suggestions. We will be happy to hear from you.

Minimize the amount of paper used in your papers or talks and make sure you always use recycled and recyclable paper. We encourage all attendees, especially those responsible for conference workshops, not to use paper but to use digital media for everyone to work and widen their knowledge on topics in a sustainable manner.

During the ICD Granada Congress free WIFI access will be available.

Please use laptops and digital media for storing information. At the congress there will be several recharging points for smartphones, tablets and laptops.There will also be a “business centre” with 20 laptops within the commercial exhibition area.

Try not to pick up pamphlets or brochures that you will not use: avoid squandering resources.

Always use recycling bins and get involved in active recycling. If you cannot find recycling points, please advise the organization committee and the Conference Centre Information point.

Try to avoid excessive use of visiting cards to save paper and use your imagination and use digital media.

Avoid using disposable items and use glass and / or metal instead of plastic.

Avoid using toilets inappropriately or wasting toilet paper.