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Weather in Granada


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Packing your luggage >>

If you travel from afar then, as you know, excessive luggage leads to higher consumption of fuel. For this reason let’s try to be efficient when packing luggage: it’ll be easier for you too.

Please do not bring in or take out invasive species that may contaminate local eco-systems as the consequences for local biodiversity could be serious.

Preparing your luggage will be easier if you have some idea of the local weather conditions normal for this time of the year. The average temperature in Granada in the month of September is approximately 25º C so you won’t need a lot of warm clothes but it’s a good idea to bring along a light jacket as it may get cooler in the evening.

Avoid printing out documents and use the cloud or intranet services instead. If you really need to bring printed documentsthen, in line with our ‘sustainable conference’, print on both sides and try and use recycled and recyclable paper.