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Tips are applicable in restaurants, taxi service, baggage handlers in hotels, and often in bars and cafes. Tipping is not mandatory, so do so only if you are happy with the service received.

Try to pre-book guided tours where they will explain the natural and cultural heritage of Granada, a very beautiful city unique in the world. Enjoy yourself.

Granada is not a big city; walking to the city centre takes much less than an hour, and the warm weather means that it’s more pleasant and convenient to walk through the city.

Walking is usually the best option to visit Granada especially as there are many interesting places to visit.

Sustainable shopping
Visitors often buy souvenirs that are not locally produced.Try and find good quality souvenirs of some artistic value or craftsmanship, produced locally. Try to avoid buying things that will be of no value or use in the future. Do they become waste in the near future?.

Buy things that are reasonably light to avoid heavy luggage with the consequent increaseof fuel consumption.

Visit local fairs and markets. Promote trade of local products. If we all act similarly then consumption and production would be more sustainable.

Visit shops in Granada that you won’t find elsewhere.

Do not buy seeds or plants unless they are carefully packaged and certified for the trip.