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Rules for the Chairs (moderator)

Chairs (moderators) are key subjects for the smooth running of congresses, so they must follow certain rules and timings established by the organisation religiously.

Chairs (moderators) must make sure given times to speakers are adhered to but also take into consideration the following tasks:

  • Introduce the speakers within two minutes. A month before the congress, the organisation committee will send moderators a brief resume of the speakers’ CVs. It is the moderator’s responsibility to get in touch with the organisation team requesting these resumes should they not arrive in time. To do so, they must email: icdgranada2016@mastercongresos.com
  • Moderators must be in the room where they will moderate the speakers at least 15 minutes before it commences.
  • A designated member of the organisation will be available in the room should moderators require anything.
  • Accredited identification must be present and visible for all moderators so speakers can identify them easily.
  • The main duty for moderators is to make sure the speakers meet timings. Should you not adhere to the timings given; the organisation member present in the room will have to interrupt the session. We kindly request you make speakers follow the times given for the presentation to avoid organization members getting involved.
  • Once speakers are finished with their talks, questions and answers will take place. The moderator is key for this part of the presentations, as they have to open a friendly debate on the covered subject(s) and is responsible for giving or taking the speaking time to the audience and the speakers.
  • Questions and answers time must not go over the established time. Once the given time has passed the session must end. We would like to remind you that, should moderators let the session continue after the programmed time, the member of the organisation team present in the room is authorised to finalise the session. Sessions must not take any time designated to the sessions following after.