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Andalusia has an extraordinary gastronomy, especially Granada. The typical breakfast is usually freshly made bread with olive oil and tomato, although hotels offer different options for breakfast.

Other typical dishes from Granada are different type mixed salads, aubergines cooked in several ways, “gazpacho” (a cold soup mainly made from tomato with onion, pepper, bread crumbs, garlic and olive oil), fresh fruits and different kind of vegetables, rice dishes similar to “paella”, and the famous dishes like “pescado frito” and “jamón ibérico” (fried fresh fish and cured ham).

However, the most typical food tradition in Granada is visiting different bars trying “tapas”. “Ir de Tapeo” or “Ir the Tapas” consists in visiting bars around the city ordering a drink in each one of them. With each drink you get given – for free - a “tapa” which is a small ration of a local dish or traditional Spanish delicacies. By getting drinks, you will enjoy the meal that comes with them in the form of “tapas”. The most traditional drinks are red wine, Andalusian white wine or beer.
Where to “tapear” in Granada:

  1. Plaza Nueva and surroundings. Here we must highlight the eldest and most iconic bar in Granada: Los Manueles. You can’t leave Granada without trying the famous “croqueta” (croquette) from Los Manueles. There are other famous places around this area where you can try “pescaito frito” like: Los Diamantes, La Cueva, Ay Carmela, etc.
  2. Granada Council and Navas street: The local council is beautiful with the street with the highest number of “tapas” bars close by.
  3. San Agustín Market surroundings. We recommend Saint Germain bar, small but full of personality and enchant.
  4. Other recommended restaurants in Granada: Chikito (close by the Fuente de las Batallas, Cunini, the most famous seafood restaurant (next to the Plaza de las Romanillas) and las Tinajas (close to the Pedro Antonio Street)

In any case, any bar you visit, you will try a “tapa” as all bars in Granada tend to offer this local and traditional experience.